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Bormanik College Shillong, Meghalaya

Bormanik College was established in the year 1991 initially as Upper Shillong College. The name was changed to commemorate one of the freedom fighter during the British Rule, Late Bormanik Syiem II, the last Syiem of the mighty Hima Shyllong. The areas of Upper Shillong, Mylliem stretching up to Mawphlang and beyond was deprived of institution for College education then. It was this which led to the minds of some responsible persons from different localities in Upper Shillong to venture into starting this college without any financial backing from anywhere and devoid of necessary infrastructures. Bormanik College was first started at the premises of the San Shnong High School located in Kynton, 3rd Mile. From there it started its first classes with only few students admitted.

Not long after in the year 2008, a land was made available by the Department o Revenue, Government of Meghalaya at the present site of the College. The Ministry of DONER granted two installment of its grant of Rs. 90.19 lacs each. Enough number of class rooms were constructed and made available at the college and construction is still undertaken to built the college as plan for better infrastructures and resources

As the College is located in an area which is basically rural , in the past the majority of the students attending came from a poor financial background and despite this the college admits them and helps in completing their degree. With more financial support the college grew and at present the college admits all students who wants to join and continues to helps those in need. With the celebration of its Silver Jubilee on 12 0f August 2016 that marks its 25 years from being established, The College is always trying to get the best of teaching faculty members and presently blessed with qualified teachers it is optimistic that in course of time the college will get its due share in the years to come.

Everyday at Bormanik College is like a blessing with the active students and talented staff members around.

Dominica Rumnong - Principal
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Mission Statement

The College is Always trying to get the best of teaching Faculty and Staff to provide Students with the best education and helping them to strive for greatness in buliding their career and also building good personal qualities as an individual.


Providing a Chance of Learning to everyone and Transforming lives and Communities. Defining a path towards excellence and Advancing forward in improving the institution itself.

Our Philosophy

Students must exhibit exemplary behaviour even outside the college. Directly or indirectly, knowingly or unknowingly, they should in no way bring disrepute to the college of their study. I impress upon all young learning community to emerge as proud and worthy citizens.